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Japan’s Preference Towards Society 5.0

  Pankhuri Gaur, Assistant Professor, RIS The developing countries are embarking on the Industry 4.0 (I4) to strengthening their manufacturing capabilities, and a new concept of Society 5.0 (S5) has emerged in recent years, which would be useful at present with increasing number of COVID-19 variants and frequency of lockdowns. The notion of S5 aims at focusing on a human centric society with greater degree of convergence of Cyber-Physical System while balancing between the economic growth and social and environmental problems. It was first proposed in the 5 th  Science and Technology Basic Plan by Japan in 2016 and subsequently adopted by the Japanese Cabinet [i] . It was further discussed in the G-20 Summit in 2019 at the B20 Summit. The S5 aims at creating new values to human beings using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, big data and other technologies falling under I4. Society 5.0 is identified as the fifth stage of socie