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‘Science Studies’ on Covid-19: Significance of Emerging Trends

Kapil Patil Research Associate, RIS   The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has witnessed an unprecedented mobilisation of scientific efforts to combat the spread of the virus and to mount an effective public health response to the crisis. The scientific community, in particular, has played an important role in gathering vital data about the disease, participating in crisis response teams, and communicating scientific evidence to policymakers and people at large. The pandemic has also witnessed a large number of academic publications based on clinical and epidemiological studies, and scientific evidence produced in these studies significantly contributed to mitigating the adverse impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. Concurrently, the pandemic has also witnessed several important studies focussing on the conduct of scientific research in times of crisis, and the ability of scientists to generate timely inputs for policymaking.     Falling under the rubric of “science studies”, this body of sch